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Byzantine CollectionByzantine Collection



In the early 1930s, Verdura toured Europe with Coco Chanel, visiting the Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna. The richly hued portrait of Empress Theodora inspired Verdura to press gems into gold tiles

Among the first pieces Verdura made were the Theodora and Ravenna Brooches, vibrant starburst designs that symbolized their notable departure from contemporary jewelry of the era. Famed fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, recognized their importance and quickly acquired them. She wore them often, even pinning them on her turban

Preferring the wider palette range offered by semi-precious stones, Verdura set vibrant hued "pebbles" in rich yellow gold, evoking the opulent Byzantine treasures he had first discovered with Coco Chanel. Today, the collection has expanded to include a range of Byzantine brooch pendants, necklaces and even earclips

Fulco Earclips on model
Fulco Earclips in white on model

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