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  • “Thirty Buck” Bracelet

    Verdura loved the bold design and Native American iconography of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Indian Head” coins. Set with six $5 gold coins dating back to the early 20th century, the “Thirty Buck” Bracelet represents Verdura’s whimsical tribute to his adopted country.

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745 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1205 New York, NY 10151 | Phone: +1 (212) 758-3388
The Verdura Gallery is open Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm

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Fulco and the New World

This milestone coin bracelet is an important archival example of Duke Fulco di Verdura's fascination with the natural wonders and artistic freedom of the “New World.” Since childhood, Fulco was enraptured with the history and dress of Native Americans, eventually collecting a rare portfolio of lithographs of the McKenney-Hall History of the Indian Tribes of North America (1837-44), hand-colored plate copies of portraits of Native American chiefs originally executed by Charles Bird King and other artists c. 1821-30.

The $5 gold Indian Head coin (1908-1929), of which there are six, was designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, a student of Saint-Gaudens. The historical relevance of these coins is significant: the portrait of a Native American in full headdress came to be recognized world-wide as a symbol of strength and perseverance.

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